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This is of Lahprayel, the Yuhelite. given as the second of the last warnings to all those who believe and those who disbelieve – those who participate with intelligence – may the Creator find you last on the day when He comes.







Lahprayel: I announce to those who wish to hear, from every nation and tribe and tongue and people, fear the Creator and give Him glory, because the year, of His judgment is proximate – worship and fear Him who has perfected Gen Eden, the earth and all that live – and all that you do not know.

Hold fast to the books – for this is to confirm them and to disprove some of them. Respect the prophets, praise the Lamb and Worship the Creator, õ HYH, as time is close to Noah, and if you deny it – you are for it.

So says the Gd of Heaven’s armies – The time is coming, for Me – I AM WHO I AM Hallelujah!

Go and share this with the nations – so they may understand I AM WHO I AM before their slaughter – I AM the one who has been replaced by the multitude of the earth, I will no longer have any pity on the people, of every type, I will let them fall into each other’s hands and deeper into the hands of their adversary of eternal life, if they do not listen to Me. They will turn their homes into desolation and their end will only meet destruction, and I will not come to their aid.

Those who say they follow Me are many, yet those who follow Me are few, I AM the mountain for the righteous forever – with Me are all those who love Me.

Those who are Jews, Christians, Muslims and all the living souls, whoever believes in Me and does righteous good deeds, those who follow My Law with compassion, understanding and truth shall have their reward with Me, they shall not grieve in the hereafter, for love Me with all your heart and all your soul and with all your mind – indeed I will give you fruit from the Tree Of Life.

The sceptre of wickedness shall be taken away soon, meditate on this, so that you do not put forth your hands to do wrong any longer – I AM coming!

Those who listen – I will rejoice over them and give them the Tree Of Life – with all who they love they will be able to redeem if they walked righteous and followed Me and believed in My Laws, so fear Me – truly, I AM Severe in punishment.

I AM impatient with these evildoers and the day is coming, they hate Me in secret and praise Me in the open – they gather in masses saying I AM their Gd, yet I do not wish to know them – they do not follow Me, their Lamp Stands are dim, and dimming even more every second.

Never, I AM not the shield of the offender, like you claim, I AM the sword of justice and the source of protection to My promise, I AM the Gd of Time, yet you have become children of Chaos and Confusion, I AM the Gd of Light, yet you have become children of Darkness and Venom, your Idols stand in My assembly, yet they do not hear you, and neither have I – for your Lamp Stands are dying – and I do not enter darkness to save the unrighteous, ungodly and evildoers – nor those who accept it – If you die, you die, be you of any following – let those who remain be devoured by one another, till the few who are left realize their shortcomings and follow Me with their whole heart.

If anyone is overcome by sin, you who are reading this message should help that person back onto My only path – and be careful not to fall into the same temptation yourself – guide them as guidance has found you, one warning only – for do not exceed time with those who practice deception in their hearts if you are easily deceived by the world.

In this is a lesson for those who fear Me, the Day where mankind will be gathered together, and that is a Day when all will be present, so learn from one another, and in this way obey My Law, understand Me and respect one another in that what you agree, even if you may differ – for you do not.

If you think you are too important to guide someone whatever that person may be, you are only fooling yourself.

You are not that important, warn each other – if you do not their sin will be a burden on the earth – one warning only, unless they seek to harm the young, then 
find them and defeat them, within the laws within your gates – if they do not turn from their evil ways, I AM coming soon.

Do not be misled by the false teachers – who speak for Me, yet add no oil to the Lamp Stands, they cannot mock My Justice, and no one can avoid it – I AM, I do not change.

You harvest what you plant – if you do not follow My Law – how do you wish to reap a thousand years of life on your entrance into My kingdom? those who only satisfy their own lust will harvest the opposite of what I AM willing to grant for the righteous.

If you get tired of doing what is good in this life – how can you do so forever in My kingdom? at just the right time I will reap a harvest of all who was, is and will be – and Judgement will be final.

Therefore, whenever you have the opportunity, do good to everyone – avoid the evildoers as best as you can and the sinful acts that was, is and will come – for that what is coming everyone will have their fair share in it – righteous or unrighteous, the greatest test is coming!








So says the Gd of Heaven’s armies – The time is coming, for Me – I AM WHO I AM Hallelujah!

I AM – for I love you, Adam and man – be just in your ways, so you may become servants of Mine – but, Woe – understand this is the second of My last warnings – do not question your faith in Me, perfect it. Love your parents and always look after them, no matter what befalls them, nor if they seem to burden you. Understand and correct the image of Me that you have lusted after.

It is set in place, My everlasting might, and all that was to be good will be utterly erased. Let My Law return as a gift, and become true, as that what is untrue comes from none other than you.

You have come to ask only for Me when in need yet hide in secret when you succeed – then you are ignored and with anger your eyes bleed, when it is you who does the deceiving deed. In the beginning of this world, the era was dark with destruction – and Gen Yedenah had no purpose, but I had separated the darkness from light and this world started to revolve with the light, Chaos was bound.

The land could not breathe, as it came to pass, its lungs expanded with the new era. The ocean was and it came together, and We had tasked, there was no life that could prevent, but Mine.

Life came from Me, land had no purpose, then I created you, it had come, that I had made you into My image, and there was Us. In the beginning, I Hallelujahwas, from nothing I AM and will be – The first consciousness, for I was the first to name nothing something and so will I be the last to name something as nothing. The first, to think and expand, to create from nothing, something – and from something – you.

I AM the architect of perfection – time came from Me as I designed time to fit Me as I AM. I Hallelujah have been, I AM and will remain an initiator for life, the unknown bond between life and death.

I Hallelujah created man in My Image as I created those before man as My own, as the sand of the earth so is My additions to the Heavens, the earth and that what is below – and that what is unknown to you, for no man has seen Me, nor has any angels, only He who sits on the throne has seen Me, for I AM Him, but He is not fully Me, yet we are the same.

I have seen what you shall not be able to decipher as I AM, I have developed what you will never understand as I AM, and I AM Hallelujah. From earth you came, by Me, earth you will remain to Me. I Hallelujah HO’IH HUD’IH have seen your ways, you have parted from Me, you have lusted for a new world without Me, in order I have received new names, new ways that have been created by men and so shall I forget you in the coming exhibition.

You Adam, with man – shall call out to Me in due time again, and I shall exclude you, for I AM not who you have made Me, and you are not what I have made you – for do you not regret what you have come to accept for the young? An alternative way has been paved by master masons – in which they create a path of godlessness, for they make up stories, and belittle My works. As the flies that you have become, the route will be attractive, and you will turn from Me.

I shall forget you, and you shall remain a stranger to Me – all those you love shall forget you. So be not forgotten! Praise and glory and wisdom and thanks and honour and power and strength be to HYH for ever and ever. Aminose!

So says the Gd of Heaven’s armies – The time is coming, for Me – I AM WHO I AM Hallelujah!

I have made Adam and man, like rain – for the gain of few My Word has been dried out, but as one you can form a river for many to drink. I have been called, many ask where the One is, yet a reflection has been created by those who look upon the mirror of pride, I have been rewritten. Let this be a promise – all those who have seen what the books read, all those of Mine before, understand Me and see what is beyond your eyes in the coming time as you continue this test, follow My Laws – and be not deceived by those who interpret the books.

The decree of My Law was placed in the hands of Moysis for Israel, and I have added them in the hands of gentiles so they may join Adam – as the Lamb was not slain for forgiveness, rather as the expansion of My Law – a saviour of the gentiles, the Lamb – so you may have your chance at a 1000 years of life, I AM the Gd of the Lamb and everything that lives and dies! Hallelujah!

As I turned the Shoseh-Sosu from the eyes of animosity, and blessed them with My Covenant – had they not been gentiles – as you, indeed they were, as them, some of you shall follow Me and the rest shall remain in Rurim as the five nations that remained.

Se’rier – S

R’obyn – A

Pys’a’pais -.

Shim’et – G

Worb’ebar – A

Yih’ih – Z

The land was fruitful, one separated – first from the last and there was many. They had become and they had increased, and they had expanded upon the 4 rivers. Elevated among them and in them, they had found knowledge of good.


Pishonip – and there was 486 men and woman there and they had been good. 54 had been assigned to council.

Gib’hunneag – and there was 54 men and women there they had been good. 6 had been assigned to council.

Tugurab’baat – and there was 162 to men and women there and they had been good. 18 had been assigned to council.

Eu’prode – and there was 36 men and women and they are good. 4 had been assigned to council.

In agreement Adam was created, in Eden he was to reside to rule over the total of man at the four corners. Acting as the direct speaker of affairs among them, taking care after that – with good and live according to his status as the first appointed.

Adam had grown weary and alone, he could not find one unto him – and We had seen Eve, for Adam. The council from Tugurab’baat had seen Eve as pleasant, all of them. Deception from a serpent befell her – deceitful ways, she shared with Adam, and good was overtaken by evil. As Adam ate, man would not understand, only to rebel against Me, for they became Chaos.

Time had passed, and Adam had given Abel his birth right, Kain was in Anger as a first born would be, but he was not and Abel was no more, and Adam knew good from evil.

Time had passed and Adam had given Abel his first wife, Kain was in Anger as a first born would be, but he was not and Abel was no more, and Adam knew good from evil. I shall not forgive those easily, even never, who belittle and exclude My Law from their hearts, as I did not forgive the first of Adam, nor Eve – rather they surely died for not heeding My Commandment. The idea, innocence from free sin by forgiveness has been twisted by the lawless yet again, to give hope to men – too weak to live by the Ten.

They ask where I am, do not reverse My Name as My Name is, I AM, not am I.


So, follow the Laws of HYH! Praise and glory and wisdom and thanks and honour and power and sHtrength be to HYH for ever and ever. Aminose!



As Moses and Aaron, Nadab and Abihu, and the seventy elders of Israel witnessed, 74 came to HYH. Around the Creator sits twenty-four Elders and Solomon received 666 talents, NINE is the measurement, for nine is incorruptible.

2 × 9 = 18 (1 + 8 = 9)
3 × 9 = 27 (2 + 7 = 9)
9 × 9 = 81 (8 + 1 = 9)
74 × 9 = 666 (6+6+6) = 18; 1+8 = 9)

486 x 9 = 4374; (4+3+7+4 = 18 = 9)

Roman = DCLXVI
D=500, C=100, L=50, X=10, V=5, I=1 =666

D=36, C=27, L=108, X=216, V=198, I=81 =666

LUCIFER = (L)108 + 189 + 27 + 81 + 54 + 45 + 162(R) = 666

SATANS = 171 + 9 + 180 + 9 + 126 + 171 = 666

Lahprayel: Fallen Sargon, O not forgotten one, fallen Sargon, as Herodes – Jehoahaz and the Herodeans.

So says the Gd of Heaven’s armies – The time is coming, for Me I AM WHO I AM Hallelujah.

Among nations, you have welcomed those who I have exiled, and by this they have created the acceptance that you now call love for Me, a misunderstanding of a self-proclaimed uniqueness, the wrong doers have been exalted to the top, and those who live and have lived by My Law have been ridiculed among you – you empower one another and you believe, you have become gods, O man – children of the morning star, the accusers of the Law – soon you will destroy each other, as Satan accuses you daily out of your own free acts and thinking – your torment will be justified.

I have created the earth, to balance the tides of the ocean – there shall be enough for every male, yet they chase after the Harlot and her tale, creating a disturbance among one another, dimming the Lamp stands before Me, not adding to them oil that takes them so little to refill, for seven of My Spirits are among you.

The list is on its way to Me, and he is carrying it – he does not mind the concerns of you, but merely that of the heart – that is why there is lust for lawlessness.

If the Serpent opposes himself, he will withdraw from you – his end will soon come, and those who do not listen will stumble with him – and all those with him will be finally destroyed.

Nations and peoples of every language, this is what you are commanded to do, as soon as you hear the sound of Satan calling, you must flee the ways it summons you to immediately, whoever does not flee will be thrown into hell fire when I AM, you will understand this.

Match the equilibrium, yet the scale hangs against each other enough for each finding among your race, even for those so they may find an image to match their face, your sexual immorality is a disgrace.

BEAUTY = 18 + 45 + 9 + 189 + 180 + 225 = 666

So says the Gd of Heaven’s armies – The time is coming, for Me I AM WHO I AM Hallelujah. Day in and day out this is what I hear.
“Why O why has G—d made me ugly”

I have not made you ugly among one another, yet each eyes will meet their mate – to be beautiful among all has been a construct of the society that has become your false god, rather your accommodation for this believe has made you ugly, the believe that you support and supply with your own thoughts.

For who tells you how to dress, and what does one require to impress? what to eat, with both eyes open do you sleep, to preserve this idea you keep – you are not ugly in image, but rather at heart, from My Law man always does depart.

My bow of Judgement will not turn back, and the sword of death will not return empty – your beauty, is of no avail on the high places of Gen Eden! You mock the deformed and laugh at the blind – you let your daughters become harlots and your son’s fornicators.

Sinners are praised, and songs are shared that praise unrighteous acts – Pianos are struck – each key defending a different sin. You belittle the deaf, yet you are deaf – listen to what the messenger is telling you.

PROUD = 144 + 162 + 135 + 189 + 36 = 666

So says the Gd of Heaven’s armies – The time is coming, for Me I AM WHO I AM Hallelujah.
You are proud yet you were an orphan, I have left your father after the fourth just as I left his father – just as I will leave you. You have been adopted by Satan 
of this time, and you have adopted as well.

Adam and man has become proud, they do not look up at the ladder I have placed for them, they have grown to the accustom to look down upon one another rather than pointing each other to the direction of My ladder, looking down at everything – missing the ladder just above them.

So, it may be, Adam had died, and so shall you – If one is bald it passes on as a genetic trait, I shall always remember the resemblance of what you call your pathetic faith. Those who expand lawlessness today had with him, I let you know seven Satan’s went north, eleven Satan’s went west, and the rest had remained here.

When you have gained and are satisfied, and have built good houses, your wealth multiply, and all that you have multiplies – then your heart becomes proud and you forget Me – if you forget Me why must I remember you? and if you remember Me how can I forget you?

who gave the Lamb that what he thought? and who took him when he shared it to you?

Even the poor are guilty of this, but you shall remember Me before My Spirit leaves you – and I shall not remember you.

For wealth is no excuse to turn from Me, nor is it an excuse for those under a burden. Look here I AM; again, sending you a warning – even after all your ignorance.


OCCULT = 135 + 27 + 27 + 189 + 108 + 180 = 666

So says the Gd of Heaven’s armies – The time is coming, for Me I AM WHO I AM Hallelujah.

There is little reliable in what they share- their guidance is destruction itself – their teachings an open grave – they flatter with their tongue, and make the Law seem like a burden.

It is disgraceful even to speak of the things which are done by them in the open – yet you follow them.

Therefore, be careful who you follow, the wise is unwise and the unwise even more so, making the most of your time to sin against Me, because the days of evil are numbered – do not participate in the deeds that expel the guidance of My Law, but instead expose it – those drunk with the wine of idols – understand what is My Commandments – represent Me and the Lamb will represent you before My Presence in Gen Eden, for the Lamb defends those who defend Me and My Law, those who are gentiles.

You only please Me when eyes of men are upon you – do not be a fool – give Me your heart and I will give you the secrets you seek. Render your trust to Me, and not in men – those who teach you to turn away from My Law yet professing to be from Me – tell them I AM coming.

Be firm-footed in Me and do not destroy the earth anymore – nor harm one another’s Lamp Stands, for those who love Me they will fear Me, for I AM your Gd – praise the Lamb yet worship Me, be strong and I will give you the same strength I gave the Lamb.

For you and those who you love to have fallen into a cult, and this can only be your own fault. There shall not be a single thing that they shall not manipulate, for you to denounce your faith.



JESUS = 90 + 45 + 171 + 189 + 171 = 666

So says the Gd of Heaven’s armies – The time is coming, for Me I AM WHO I AM Hallelujah.

I AM a jealous Gd, have I not told the prophets, the gentiles are an odd people. They have made corrections that please them, to be as a Lamb yet they are not even close!

So, speak of My warnings to them, whether they listen or fail to listen, for they are rebellious, listen to what I say to you then – who reads this warning.

Do not rebel like the fools who gather for gain – open your mouth and eat what I give you, open your heart and take this message again, for no man nor the angles has seen Me.

For this message is full of mourning, yet will they listen, does their eyes take to heart what is written ? Accept My Word, as the Law I gave to Moysis, is the same I give again to you.

If you are not willing to listen to the advocate I have sent to defend and accuse, you will not be willing to listen to Me, if you are not willing to heed the warning of the advocate, you will not be willing to heed the warning of the Lamb – because you are proud – but if you are willing – do not be terrified by the people, nor their judgements of deceit, they only wish to preserve sin, so that their children may be offered up to it – for they are a disgrace to My Image.

If I say to the wicked, they will die and never receive another chance, and you who reads this do not warn them or speak out to dissuade them from their evil ways in order to save their life, that wicked person will die in their sin, and I will hold you accountable for their deeds – one warning is all that is needed – if they hear, they have no excuse – if they do not hear they will have more than one excuse on the day when I AM – yet it will still not help.

Because of all your detestable images and fornication with sin, I will do to you unlike the previous test takers and will never do again to another – even though it may seem to repeat.

Therefore, as surely as I AM, I will not look on you with pity or spare you – when I shoot at you with My deadly and destructive Judgement, I will shoot to destroy you.

I will bring more and more destruction upon you and cut off your supply of Joy, misery. I will send men against you, and they will leave you childless soon.

Plague and bloodshed will sweep through you, and I will bring the sword that you praise to keep your disgusting ways, against you – loathsome places of worship will be demolished and I will let the people be slain in front of the graven images that do not hear nor exist – I AM WHO I AM.

The towns will be laid waste and the high places demolished, so that your homes will be laid waste and devastated, your idols smashed and ruined, and what you have made wiped out.

By sinful hearts, many have turned away from Me, they lust after the path of their fathers, those who share the disobedience of My Law. They will loathe themselves for the evil they have done and for all their detestable practices.

I will not look on them with pity – I will not spare them, I will repay them for their conduct and for the detestable practices they hold fast to – because of the distortions among the Truth, modifications to the path that leads to the Tree of Life – a shortcut, yet they get lost – taken by the vultures as there is only one path – after they have lived a rebellious life, on death they call for Me yet I do not lend them My ear.

To all who receive Me, those who believed in My Name, I give the right to become children of Me – not by descent, but by My will. Become My Word, live My Law – and walk in the path of the forgotten Adam.

Many have placed a false image among one another of Me and created an image of themselves instead, which I AM not, to deceive the nations and full their pockets.

Man has attempted to neutralize Me – by converting those who believe in Me to new gods, and to suffocate the Law till it seems pleasant to them- the Lamb, obedient and true to My Law – righteous and obedient, loving yet a judge of understanding.

There is a man, who is destroying you from the inside – his name is here – yet you will humiliate someone and yet still say you follow the Lamb, who worships Me.

Those who the Lamb chose, who was murdered for Him, had walked the correct path pleasing Me, following My Laws and setting up some of the seven Lamp Stands before Me, yet you give praise to a corrupted pleasure of a corrupted purpose unknowingly, Woe, for those who are proud for the language of Babel has returned not for a gathering, rather to divide and bring death.

When expansion started My Word was corrupted to accommodate those who expanded.

Not one Law shall pass from the Book – the Lamb who bought servants for Me, who is worthy of praise – who only has two Names, if you praise the Lamb then you will worship Me – if you love the Lamb you will follow My Laws.

Look, the Lamb – who made known sin to the world. Just as I chose the Lamb – he lives because of Me, so the one who follows him in Truth will live because of Me.

The one who follows him will live because of My Law – as that is what the Lamb made known the world. Yet – I AM, the one who has the throne alone, for Israel and the gentiles and all living – Emmanuel is not the Lamb, the Lamb is in the 117, who looks daily. Do not trust them in the last days lest you wish to be one of the losers.

Prepare for the great day, for among you are those who are not true – but preparing the land for that old Serpent himself. Here is Wisdom, I AM WHO I AM, I AM Six Hundred and Sixty-Six, as those with Me and for Me.

Iota = I Chi = Ch.

Theta = Th

Ypsilon = Y

Sigma = S

I – CH – TH – Y – S = – 666

IISOUS = 81 – 81 – 171 – 135 – 189 – 171 = -666

YUHUSHUA=225-189-72-189-171-72-189-9= -666

MUHAMMAD= 117 + 189 + 72 + 9 + 117 + 117 + 9 + 36 = 666

So says the G—d of Heaven’s armies – The time is coming, for Me – I AM WHO I AM Hallelujah.


Those who believe and do righteous deeds and believe in the Torah, a Gospel or the Quran and follow My Laws – I will remove from them their misdeeds and amend their condition in the coming time. I will show mercy upon those who see the faults in their ways, there were a Satan has made his gain.

Those who correct this corruption – they who follow My Words. Among the people, there are those who uphold baseless ways, far have they strayed – without knowledge they continue into tradition and political gain, far have many strayed – yet they do not know.

These are revelations that are recited to you truthfully. In which other books do you believe rather than those by the prophets? Does the Torah not confirm the Quran, and a Gospel both? Indeed, they do – If you read with truth! Such is My guidance, and they who seeks shall find – but they who are astray – who knows yet ignores have incurred a shameful loss.

Truly much corruption has fallen before the books in interpretation and more – yet three are for one, as I AM.

I have permitted the enemies of you – for the first they had added a separate guidance making their hearts proud – for the second they added into it untruthful traps, and sin runs free – for the third I have sealed with logical protection – yet they do not follow it – they have abandoned it and follow the words and stories of men.

Truly – on the day you can blame none – for none has authority over one another in the heart. Am I not one? Truly I Am – and I will judge you upon that what you have differed, for those who seek will not differ, those who know.

You who believe, if you follow Me, I will support you and settle you so you may be spared, because I observe those who believe in My Law and Truth – the same that I gave to Moysis is the same that you must follow – for daily do I see your Love for Me, but added books that I have not sent has changed this – you follow your own ways.

Among You, are those who will not listen, they will depart from you, they say to those who were given knowledge, that they interpret what pleases Me – yet this is untrue.

Do not follow your own desires and become proud – calling in the open a revelation from Me, rather return to that what the prophets brought forth, for does this not confirm it – seal your hearts, and love those who follow Me.

Ask forgiveness for your sin and do not be the wrong-doers in the earth, nor the seekers of lies – for that what you have you keep perfectly, yet that what you keep did not all come from Me.

Would you rather keep that what was not revealed by the man to you, if you turn away, less corruption will fall on the earth – yet you are not alone in this act – you are the least in this act.

Truly in due time – those who are masked will be discovered, therefore, those who do not listen – I will deal with them in anger, I will not look on them with pity or spare them.

I will Slaughter the old, the young, the women, the mothers and children, but I will not lay My wrath of eternal hell on anyone who brings forth My Covenant, does righteous deeds for any in need and follows the three books in truth.

Indeed, those who do not listen after this message and the one after this – it will become clear to Me, do not continue in this – do not anger Me – I render your deeds in this subject worthless until you follow Me.

Not one Law shall pass – I AM the creator of all mankind and those who follow Me be it the Torah, a Gospel or the Quran, even if not perfect in their ways.

I could show you the corruption that has befallen you – yet there is a mark placed among you, from their deeds – learn the corruption, by their deeds and speech against those who follow Me – become one – as I AM One.

I will surely test you until I make clear those who caused this despicable act among you, and I will test your heart – to see if you lust for death or the righteous path. For I AM alone, the final judge of good and evil in the life hereafter.

Here you are – I invite you to return to Me, for am I not your first love? among you are those who will still act against Me and their prophets – and he who acts against Me will only act against himself, and whoever withholds this message against another will only withhold against himself.

True, I have given you a clear message yet again.

Do not precede your sin anymore – follow the straight path that I first placed with Moysis and lastly in the hands of Humwud – the final prophet, but not the last messenger and truly far from the Anointed one that is coming! With this little scroll, for My promise will be witnessed with or without the approval of men.

For do you not fear the sword, then why do you live by it? So, by this then, the sword is what I will bring against you.

Keeping My requirements submits yourself to Me, the Law that I gave to Moysis is the only Law – there is one Law for all mankind, Israelites and gentiles.

You have a chance, at everlasting life, like all gentiles – a warning, return to your first love, let the speakers of the Torah, a Gospel and the Quran gather – let there be an agreement in My Law and My Word if peace is what you desire – truly I see your hearts – do not let the traditions of those false men intrigue you anymore – those who have made you shun the truth, truly I see all things – or be struck down with the nations when I AM.

JUMUAH =90+189+117+189+9+72=666

RAWATIB = 162 + 9 + 207 + 9 + 80 + 81 + 9 = 666

DUNIYA = 36 + 189 + 126 + 81 + 225 + 9 = 666

HUKUM = 72 + 189 + 99 + 189 + 117 = 666

AL WAQT = 9 + 108 + 207 + 9 + 153 + 180 = 666

Here is Wisdom, I AM WHO I AM, I AM Six Hundred and Sixty-Six, as those with Me and for Me.

HUMWUD = 72 – 189 – 117 – 207 – 189 – 36 = -666

PREACHER = 144 + 162 + 45 + 9 + 27 + 72 + 45 + 162 = 666

So says the G—d of Heaven’s armies – The time is coming, for Me – I AM WHO I AM Hallelujah.


Among them, those who say they create and are inspired yet I create by My will – and I inspire only a few by My will. They are sharp with their tongues and twist so many hearts, so they may love their gods. Among all the Lamp Stands, have you failed the test I have put forth – and many know it yet still seek it?

You preach, yet when into pockets you can’t reach, to the Law of Me you lay siege, so that the sinners can follow what you teach. All the people fall into sin, I see now even that these self-proclaimed speakers for Me are far worse today, for they walk hand in hand with idols and dishonesty, they speak well of those who do sin so that no one may turn from their sin, because of this all the people have become like these false speakers, wickedness has filled the earth.

Do not give an ear to the words spoken by these men, for they fill you with deceitful hopes. Their words do not come from Me; they do not speak for Me the Creator of Gen Eden. They break down that what the Lamb had spread with the prophets.

They lead My followers astray, by saying I Love, when there is only hate.

They lead My followers astray, saying I accept, when I only reject, they keep on saying to those who have no respect for the Law, you will have peace, you shall be saved when they speak like all is forgotten, those who have their own desire, that no harm will be upon them.

Have they been in the presence of Me, they heed not My first, nor will they heed My Last – so shall they never be in My presence in Gen Eden.

My wrath shall surely not be turned back – till what I have planned shall be put into full effect. In days to come you will have the full knowledge of this.

These speakers I have not sent, yet they say they speak for Me, no message has been given to them, yet they continue deeper. If they stood before Me, my true words would have been spoken, I have heard these people say false words in My Name, saying they follow Me, but they tell lies in My Name, they worship one another.

They are missionaries of deceit, for by their false actions they take My followers and lead them to sin.

They wish to take away the memory of My Law, that what I demand, you will be forgotten by Me. I will remove your Lampstand from My presence soon, then let you receive the name of never-ending shame and this name shall forever be known.

To examine the tests, no one could correct, and the editors of greed and politics became correct. I AM your Judge – the distortions are your question – Seven on trial, Gd of Heaven’s armies! So do not corrupt HYH!

Praise and glory and wisdom and thanks and honour and power and strength be to HYH for ever and ever. Aminose!

MESSIAH = 117 + 45 + 171 + 171 + 81 + 9+ 72 = 666

CUMBAYAH =27+189+117+18+9+225+9+72=666

GOSPEL = 63 + 135 + 171 + 144 + 45 + 108 = 666

So says the Gd of Heaven’s armies – The time is coming, for Me I AM WHO I AM Hallelujah.

Under One Law, this is My intention – yet by your different desires you harm one another, I intervene not among you anymore, till the earth is ripe for harvest.

Yet with Antipas is a warning! My pleasure has become My heartache, and My Heartache My anger, for everything that I give is good – yet you break it down and make it pleasant for death.

So shall I break down that what you give Me, that what you believe to be good – and you shall not enter under the 144000, nor shall you enter the New Jerusalem, only witness it in silence and shame.

With man, there is nothing that will not change, when there is coin in exchange, this is what the Gospel has done, and therefore the Gospel is the sinner’snumber one.

I reveal deep and hidden things – what is in darkness and light. Woe – for you read only what pleases you – yet ignore the prophets by your ignorance, there is neither an Old Test nor a New Test, yet only the Test! Observe this Book, so it may bind the three, and walk with it, so you may be sons and daughters of Me find the corruption and turn it into the light of the world.

HOLY BIBLE = 72 – 135 – 108 – 225 – 18 – 81 – 18 – 108 – 45 = -666

CROSS = 27 + 162 + 135 + 171 + 171 = 666

So says the Gd of Heaven’s armies – The time is coming, for Me I AM WHO I AM Hallelujah.

They say they are Yuh’Yudeans, nations outside or within Israel – they all have made graven images among themselves, among all seven Lamp Stands there is sin.

For the same man I sent to defeat Hubolek and her priests will do so again – and history will repeat itself upon the whole earth, return to My smallest Laws even, and you will find My wrath last on the day that I AM.

People will come from distant lands to realise My promise, and when this happens, you will know that this message is from Me.

It is set into motion; a man will branch out from where he is and rebuild – be on guard that you are not fooled by another – My Promise will not change, and My teachings will stay the same.

Whoever says they know Me but do not keep My commandments is a liar, and the truth is not in them, for I AM, and indeed I never change.

Everyone who makes a practice of the detestable things and break the Sabbath are not heading the message I sent with the Lamb, listen to Me – did the Lamb not make known to you what is required to enter My Kingdom?

Indeed, he did, for it is not the hearers of My Law who are righteous, but the doers of the Law who will walk with Me on the great day – who will pass judgement with ease. You, who reads – If a society has no law, what becomes of it?

If you endure, you will join the Lamb – if you deny Me, you will then deny Us – for you hold fast to a saviour that submits to Me – I have great pleasure in the followers of My Law – is that not what the Lamb shared with you? Behold, to listen is better than any sacrifice, and to be good – with My Law is the Key of everlasting life.

The Law will not pass – until Judgement is fulfilled – and the bad seeds are separated from the good seeds. Many teach the commandments of men – and take away My Commandments even fully!

Indeed, nothing detestable will enter Gen Eden, anyone who is false is only fooling himself. A living soul that studies – will eventually use that knowledge in acts, I AM– and just as the many places they call My home will rush you away from My Words and My Law – their Lamp Stands never shine – and those that do eventually fade out, for is My Law not acts? if the Law has passed then for what do you repent.

Whoever finds the meaning of these words will be called great in Heaven – I have revealed a chapter upon the world, and see, I AM observing it with you, until I reach the chapter – the Book of Life.

HEAVENS = 72 + 45 + 9 + 198 + 45 + 126 + 171 = 666

Lahprayel: Unknown is the secrets of Heaven for no man has fully seen the secrets of Heaven and shared about its hidden abundances. Yet because you corrupt all that is sent – each Heaven is to be different but not true, there is only one Gen Eden- yet only from the imagination of men, for Heaven is what men desire, one Heaven made from coin – golden mint, one Heaven where you are to be in the wind, one heaven where you are to reincarnate, one Heaven where you shall forever reside in peace with no hate, one heaven where virgins wait, one Heaven where you shall never have to worry about an empty plate, one Heaven where you are among the clouds, only darkness is among the crowds.

MENORAH = 117 + 45 + 126 + 135 + 162 + 9 + 72 = 666

(Meshietu): Moysis was told to make a Menorah.
Good for it is good that I attempt but be it the evil that I wished to defend all the glory of this world would be sent.

JEWISH= 90 + 45 + 207 + 81 + 171 + 72 = 666

JUDEANS = 90 + 189 + 36 + 45 + 9 + 126 + 171 = 666

Lahprayel: Indeed, lost are many who have turned to harlots, foolishly, without knowledge, indeed many have gone astray and do not wish to be guided.

For are those who follow the Gospel not Jews? Indeed they are – and are those who follow the Quran not Jews? indeed they are – yet by themselves have they created and destroyed one another – for the Quran is for the Jews and Christians – and a Gospel is for the Jews and Muslims- and the Torah for the Christians and Muslims – that what does not confirm one from the other is but man made ideas – that has become a religion, for gain of but a few. If one is truthful – truly he will be all that he can be.page17image14545472

ISRAELIS =81-171-162-9-45-108-81-171=-666

So says the Gd of Heaven’s armies – The time is coming, for Me I AM WHO I AM Hallelujah.

O, Israel – Have you not committed twice corruption in your own interpretation, and has it brought you not destruction and left you desolate in the land that I have promised you! Surely I have Gathered You again as I AM, Three times you will seek to disown Me, and as I have Gathered you together for a final time – surely do not fall into your Ignorance again, and follow the Laws I have prescribed to you fully – and from you the end will come, and so will the beginning.

The land I have given you as your inheritance is written, and so is My requirements from you written, for you seek Me in prayer, I hear you daily, and so do I hear your Neighbours daily, what is then the distinction between you that I must find? I have made with you a Covenant, blessed with knowledge, and if you turn from it, you will be regarded as the losers.

Truly I have preserved that of Moysis for you as a guidance where many has gained – and does a Gospel not confirm it? – and does the Quran not confirm it? indeed it does if you are truthful! I AM, I do not change – have you no understanding? For the Laws of Moysis, is the source for all – Surely no book has begotten corruption, but rather the corruption of the hearts of men!

And there is indeed groups among you, who testifies falsely in the Torah, and there is indeed groups who testifies falsely in a Gospel, and there is indeed groups who testifies falsely in the Quran and those who believe the words of men I have not sent will surely understand it , they will be as cursed as the Sabbath Breakers, so you, O Israel – keep My Commandments and turn not from it, so I may not turn from you.

And when they say do not judge unless you be Judged Say” Truly I Am being Judged, by every word I speak, every thought I possess and every act I do –HYH is One – I judge not on my own benefit .”

Here is Knowledge, I AM WHO I AM, I AM Six Hundred and Sixty- Six, as those with Me and for Me.

YUHYUDEAN = 225 – 189 – 72 – 225 – 189 – 36 – 45 – 9 – 126 = -666

HASMONEAN = 72 – 9 – 171 – 117 – 135 – 126 – 45 – 9 – 126 = -666

ROMANIOTE = 162 – 135 – 117 – 9 – 126 – 81 – 135 – 180 – 45 = -666

KHAZARIV = 99 – 72 – 9 – 234 – 9 – 162 – 81 – 198 = -666

NAZARITE = 126 – 9 – 234 – 9 – 162 – 81 – 180 – 45 = -666

JUDAIZER = 90 – 189 – 36 – 81 – 9 – 234 – 45 – 162 = -666

YUHELITES = 225 – 189 – 72 – 45 – 108 – 81 – 180 – 45 – 171 = -666

Lahprayel: If one strikes you, you will strike them back in equal compensation , until the matter is resolved – and the witnesses will testify truthfully on the matter – Be he a Jew, Muslim or Christian or any following regarding HYH – for there is no distinction between you, only what you self set out among you.

And be weary of the Sodomites and their people among you, if they fight you, you will fight them, and if they spread corruption on the earth, you will correct it – for the wicked one targets the young in these matters.

And Anyone who wishes to kill you over your religion and you are no threat to them, you will kill them, be they a Jew, Muslim, Christian or any following regarding HYH and the witnesses of the books will testify truthfully on this matter, and those who wish to do harm to you, naming oneself a title of a religion does not correct their heart, if they are not truthful.

A Christian is not a Christian if he wishes illX on a truthful Jew or Muslim. A Jew is not a Jew if he wishes illY on a truthful Christian or Muslim.

A Muslim is not a Muslim if he wishes illZ on a truthful Christian or Jew.

And if there is Conflict between you, you will find the source of this conflict and those who promote it, and you will remove them and those who support it, those who wish to create war between the Jews, Christians and Muslims, and those that had no hand in this matter will be left alone.

 A Christian who strikes a truthful Jew or Muslim out of influence must be corrected.

A Jew who strikes a truthful Christian or Muslim out of influence must be corrected.

A Muslim who strikes a truthful Jew or Christian out of influence must be corrected. If the poor approaches you, you will not Base your charity on their religion.

 If the orphan approaches you, you will not Base your charity on their religion. If a person succumbs to a burden, you will not Base your help on their religion. If a person is hungry, you will not Base your charity on their religion.
If a person is Thirsty, you will help them always.

Those who are Cold, you will aid, regardless of their religion.



Lahprayel: And a nation will be shown, among man, they shall seek solitude In the home of many, seven days you will ask, on the eleventh you shall believe the wrath had passed.

Your answer shall be your own question, man will burden sight from his right eye, and his left eye above man, as not his own. A Morning star, slavery is coming, animals killed for a simple horn, families to be ripped and torn, no freedom to emerge to those who are born.

Gluttony to rule, money to fool, no more shall they steal from him, more shall wish for a warm meal from him. Ten and younger, dying from hunger, envy to rule, ruler of rules.

So, see the hidden! Praise and glory and wisdom and thanks and honour and power and strength be to HYH for ever and ever. Aminose.

VIDEOS = 198 + 81 + 36 + 45 + 135 + 171 = 666

Lahprayel: First favour showed, seen as an all-seeing saviour, all seeing, breaching yet not breathing. Around every wall, short or tall, conversation not private – They observe your call.

An eye to Connect – I AM, is aware, the all-seeing they shall not be able to reject, when I AM is no longer there. Criminality obsolete – Insanity following the released.

Lies of a threat it shall create, it shall control your fate – while you sleep, it shall plot, as it does not confine to the idea of late.

Attacks shall fail, listening and watching, it keeps what you hate, in every state, they who oppose they shall eliminate, accuse of murder, robbery or rape.

PHOTO = 144 + 72 + 135 + 180 + 135 = 666

Lahprayel: As you share, I was there, location and your basic information. A library of names, tied to moving campaigns – colour of interest, stories never missed, eyes of blue, brown or green, where were you last seen, what is your belief, eye for eyes or a tooth for teeth.

ENERGY = 45 + 126 + 45 + 162 + 63 + 225 = 666

Lahprayel: Chaos erupted, the earth shaken, world Mammon is the location, slaves by their own creation, the dragon comes, a world without HYH as an ultimate creation, Adam sent into desolation – both become an abomination.

Not to withdraw from the mark, their minds shall bear it, and they shall be the last, and those who bear it upon their hand shall work And their hearts shall lay bare, they shall be the first.

Tears of the throat, purified by the beast, payment to the slaves comes from one thing – all shall be taken, without realizing the ways to subtract.

Then the parts, the heart is taken apart – around the wheel, struck to the ground as to kneel, every price every stock, to baptize the D.N, every second around the clock.

A disease times seventy-four, more than the flu, medicine not available what are you to do. Madness created from few, collapse of markets, then controlled – man in turmoil, Adam as majority. not able to sell nor buy, under a spell to comply – no Abel, may ever reach inside asking why, the east takes the young of the eagle, spitting the serpent out, repeating this:

How do we communicate, how do we put food on our plate? How do we travel, how do we let our day unravel?

How do we pay, what do we do with the rest of our day?

How do we prevent our food to rot? How do we bath in water that is not hot?

How do we replenish our thirst, all glory to the keeper of the first? Fifel ama yud, baka tem emun, Kind lives even suffer by them who rule. How shall you see, how shall you see? As there is no other way to attain Energy but through me.

NUCLEAR = 126 + 189 + 27 + 108 + 45 + 9 + 162 = 666

Lahprayel: Nothing to eat, winter approaching with no heat, places of teaching, teach to appreciate – none allowed to think, Green wires cost a drink, not allowed to trade, taxes have not been paid. Sabbath long forgotten, time to realize this plot, a day for understanding long lost.

ELEMENT = 45 + 108 + 45 + 117 + 45 +126 + 180 = 666

Lahprayel: Trees to retreat, murder over a single wheat, no water to those who seek, Adam with man crammed across the last creek, war among the last good, turned despicable in the harvest of the misunderstood. Blasphemy, upon HYH – The last to withstand shall be set free from Ro’Ro.

MASONIC = 117 + 9 + 171 + 135 + 126 + 81 + 27 = 666

LONDON = 108 + 135 + 126 + 36 + 135 + 126 = 666


7’10’10 – 711 / 2133

7(Heads) 10(Horns) 10(Crowns) written with blasphemy.

SINNER =171+81+126+126+45+162= 711

MEDINANS = 117 + 45 + 36 + 81 +126 + 9 + 126 +171 = 711

MURDER = 117 + 189 + 162 + 36 + 45 + 162 = 711

CRIMINAL = 27 + 162 + 81 + 117 + 81 + 126 + 9 + 108 = 711

MASSACRE = 117 + 9 +171 + 171 + 9+ 27 + 162 + 45 = 711

ROBBERS = 162 + 135 + 18 + 18 + 45 + 162 + 171 = 711

BURGLAR = 18 + 189 + 162 + 63 + 108 + 9 + 162 = 711

CHISELER = 27 + 72 + 81 + 171 + 45 + 108 + 45 + 162 = 711

CHEATERS = 27 + 72 + 45 + 9 + 180 + 45 + 162 + 171 = 711

VILLAIN = 198 + 81 + 108 + 108 + 81 + 9 + 126 = 711

SACRILEGE = 171 + 9 + 27 + 162 + 81 + 108 + 45 + 63 + 45 = 711

SWORD = 171 + 207 + 135 + 162 + 36 = 711

ATTACKER = 9 + 180 + 180 + 9 + 27 + 99 + 45 + 162 = 711

TEACHERS = 180 + 45 + 9 +27 + 72 + 45 + 162 + 171 = 711

KLEPTO=99+108+45+144+ 180+135=711

YESHUA =225+45+171+72+189+9=711


711 Multitudes set sail.


So says the Gd of Heaven’s armies – The time is coming, for Me I AM WHO I AM Hallelujah.
Then the portrait of what is to come will be finished and hang before Me forever as a reminder for all those who believe in Me and My Laws, and for those 
who did not, as everlasting shame.

First the heat will harm the cold terribly – and a strange way will prevail. After a long struggle – those who say they are Jews but are not will overpower one another – and those who believe nothing will overpower them.

Then a promise will seem desolate, for the first messenger will be dead, and then I will send two, after man has seized the Lamp Stands – man will rebuild itself and they will rejoice – they will be drunk in lawlessness, and that what gave them light in darkness will be ruled by a few.

They will marry their own Lamp Stands yet not know good from evil, only evil, and no light will shine from the Lampstand.

Seven will remain, ten will rise, and nine will seem to rule. 1296 days will be given to My two servants who will give the last chance – then 1296 days will be taken by them.

For whom was, is and will come? Follow My Law and do not cast stones at one another’s Lamp Stands, but love one another – those who follow Me, will love one another.

Those who hate Me will hate you, those who do not follow Me will be destroyed by Me.

So, show each other the light! Praise and glory and wisdom and thanks and honour and power and strength be to HYH for ever and ever. Aminose!

Lahprayel: All give thanks for a moment for those who loved them, love them and will one-day love. You struggle, you hold out, for you are my parents.




So says the Gd of Heaven’s armies – The time is coming, for Me I AM WHO I AM Hallelujah.

If one does truly repent, I will lead the blind in a way that they do not know, I will turn the darkness before them into light, their fear into might, so they may walk with Me.

If you ignore the least of My Commandments and teach others to do the same, you will be called the least in Gen Eden. But anyone who follows My Laws and teaches them will be called great in Heaven.

The friction between the people who interpret that what pleases them, who have left Me; those who wish to return – sin is not the path to return to Me.

Those who claim they are experts in the Law – good, listen to them but be on guard – do not let them boast, rather they must be humble with the Law of Me.

Outside their actions speak loudly – but inside they are dead – do not be like them who cherry pick the Law that only benefit them, when they trespass, they deny the Law, yet when anyone else does something wrong they condemn them.

Teach yourselves rather the true meaning of My Law – be a teacher to your own heart – and listen to those around you – decide if they are righteous or a shepherd leading them to slaughter. One wrong teacher can lead many astray – I do not change, I AM.

If you put yourself above others, you will be put down by Me, if you humble yourself, you will be honoured by those who you humbled before Me.

Do not be like them, who interpret only the beneficial to them.

Do not neglect important matters of My Law, such as justice, mercy that is the most important, forgiveness and faithfulness.

Plant good fruit among the nations in this little time that is left – and you will reap that what is good – each interaction you have leads to the next – plant bad fruit and you will not reap – but surely die forever with your serpent.

I AM– I have given you My requirements – A person who follows five hundred of My Laws – will reap the benefits of one thousand. A person who follows fifty of My Laws – will reap the benefits of one hundred.

But any person who buries My Law, how can he reap any benefits if My Law is sustained within it – anyone who buries that what brings life – how can he expect to walk with Me in Gen Eden?

How can you pass a test, if you do not live the answers – avoiding the questions, does not mean the questions are not there? Who passes a test?

One who studies or one who avoids – one who is faithful till the test is done, obtaining that what was worked for, or one who is set on a path – not following the requirements to pass – but rather going forward with own desires? who will pass? Who will pass My Test?

So, cherish what little time you have left!

Praise and glory and wisdom and thanks and honour and power and strength be to HYH forever and ever. Aminose!


V is for Jupiter. Yuh Huh Yec shouts from the east, to those from

Ma‘s ‘ UT

those from Kr ‘ u ‘ES.

6 * 6 * 6 = 216 = X

6 + 6 + 6 = 18 = B

54 + 54 + 54 = 162 = R

6 = 54 = F

A= F = L, R = E, B = K, X = E.

F * R * B * X = 34012224 / 9 = 3779136 = the First Beast


7 = G = 63:63(7) + 63(7) + 63(7) = 189 (21)

11 = K = 99:99(11) + 99(11) + 99(11) = 297 (33)

G + K = 54 + 54 + 54 = 162

189 + 297 = 486 , 486 = 54(6) = 6 = 0.666

486 = 21.33

TAN – COS – SIN = Clue = – 666




The second beast will be formed by the first, and the first will breathe life into the second When Mahbas is executed, the people for Moudab will rise with vengeance, and Armalon will be given authority over all the power of the first, man and Adam will scream who is like the beast who can make war with him, the first will execute the second, yet they are the same and man shall worship the first.

TELL EL AMARNA -3336746333 = 74

“HaH Ten Hos.” – Horomeb

The man in front of me shouted.

“Ham Ar NaH. “– Ikhnaton

So says the Gd of Heaven’s armies – The time is coming, for Me I AM WHO I AM Hallelujah.

I have made your fathers archers, My Law is their skill, their arrow is their path, and their target should be their children, yet they have turned away from this. And therefore, I have made their arrows fall short, they will not save that what their own eyes fall upon.

They shall ask for more, yet there shall be no answer, they shall create their own, yet a new arrow does not improve their aim. For a long time, I have kept silent, I have been quiet and held myself back.

Lahprayel: Truly upon the conduct of you, depends the fate of this generation in the hereafter. The love of money makes the wicked deaf and the knowledge of the secrets that men seek in the light blind, for their eyes only know darkness – lusting for Gen Yedenah.

For is the Ego not that which leads to destruction, and the whispers of the Osirians daily into the young children corrupt, full of deceit – Two roads can be followed, one of wisdom and the other of ignorance – yet they have been paved to reach the same destination of destruction , much more to come!

Distinguish that which is true from untrue, find that therein the truth and speak freely against false teachers who push their own agenda within the places where you gather, be you what you follow in reference to the books, corruption has spread into the most sacred places and texts – find it, even if they hate you, HYH does not change and is severe to those who turn their faces knowingly to the people who spread corruption, and those who kill their children for the love of their own desires – the child will live, murder is most despicable, and turn from them, one good deed far surpasses empty prayers of many, yet knowing in their hearts they even still continue with prayers that are void.

The repetition does not increase the value of null, the very soil they gather has no merit, the ignorance of their ways will have them defend the deceivers, HYH is all knowing of what they do.

Those who seek forgiveness will indeed find it, if they are truthful, so remember HYH, and you will be remembered at Emet – but let those who find more pleasure in this life, not turn you from the life that is to be awarded, Knowledge is the key.

The spirit of HYH shall leave every people, death then a little while, Judgment in the open for all to see, Reimbursement judged on your decisions.

The end that you are running away from, cannot be changed, nor will the evildoers evade the sentence, nor will you. Peace and Security is not the destiny for the earth – a Calm before the storm is reaching Gen Eden – the armies grow restless, immune to the manipulative men and woman who have waged a war against HYH – the utmost torment approaches them – the lazy, and the losers who seek to deny the Laws of HYH.

Just as the Thunder of HYH had fallen, mercy was what followed, even after Abrasaxia.

10 Evades many instructions, deception is much under great evil nations everywhere, for they heal the sick at profit, great illusionists to the proud. You would find this, if you are truthful.



Write this to the angel of the church in Ephesus: Here is a message from the one who holds the seven stars in his right hand and walks among the seven golden Lamp Stands. “I know what you do, how hard you work and never give up. I know that you don’t accept evil people. You have tested those who say they are apostles but are not.

You found that they are liars. You never stop trying. You have endured troubles for my name and have not given up.

“But I have this against you: You have left the love you had in the beginning so remember where you were before you fell.

Change your hearts and do what you did at first, if you don’t change, I will come to you and remove your Lamp Stand from its place.

But there is something you do that is right – you hate the things that the Nicolaitans do (S I I H L M T R).

I also hate what they do. “Everyone who hears this should listen to what the messenger says to the Lamp Stands.

To those who win the victory I will give the right to eat the fruit from the tree of life, which is in the paradise of Gd.



Write this to the angel of the church in Smyrna: Here is a message from the one who is the first and the last, and the one who died and came to life again. “Iknow your troubles, and I know that you are poor but really you are rich! I know the insults you have suffered from people who say they are Jews, but they are not true Jews.

They are a group that belongs to Satan.

Don’t be afraid of what will happen to you. I tell you; the devil will put some of you in prison. He will do this to test you. You will suffer for ten days, but be faithful, even if you must die.

If you continue to be faithful, I will give you the reward of life. “Everyone who hears this should listen to what the messenger says to the Lamp Stands. Those who win the victory will not be hurt by the second death.



Write this to the angel of the church in Pergamum: Here is a message from the one who has the sharp two-edged sword.

“I know where you live. You live where Satan has his throne, but you are true to me. You did not refuse to tell about your faith in me even during the time of Antipas.

Antipas was my faithful witness who was killed in your city, the city where Satan lives. “But I have a few things against you. You have people there who follow the teaching of Balaam. Balaam taught Balak how to make the people of Israel sin.

They sinned by eating food offered to idols and by committing sexual sins. It is the same in your group.

You have people who follow the teaching of the Nicolaitans. So, change your hearts! If you don’t change, I will come to you quickly and testify against you with the sword that comes out of my mouth.“Everyone who hears this should listen to what the spirit says to the Lamp Stands!

“I will give the hidden manna to everyone who wins the victory. I will also give each one a white stone that has a new name written on it. And no one will know this name except the one who gets the stone. Everyone who hears this should listen to what the messenger says to the Lamp Stands.

EA. G18N


Write this to the angel of the church in Thyatira: Here is a message from the son of Gd, the one who has eyes that blaze like fire and feet like shining brass. “I know what you do. I know about your love, your faith, your service, and your patience.

I know that you are doing more now than you did at first. But I have this against you: You let that woman Jezebel do what she wants. She says that she is a prophet, but she is leading my people away with her teaching.

Jezebel leads my people to commit sexual sins and to eat food that is offered to idols. I have given her time to change her heart and turn away from her sin, but she does not want to change. “So, I will throw her on a bed of suffering.

And all those who commit adultery with her will suffer greatly. I will do this now if they don’t turn away from the things she does. I will also kill her followers.

Then all the Lamp Stands will see that I am the one who knows what people feel and think. And I will repay each of you for what you have done. “But others of you in Thyatira have not followed her teaching.

You have not learned the things they call ‘Satan’s deep secrets. (74d22) ’this is what I say to you: I will not put any other burden on you. Only hold on to the truth you have until I come. “I will give authority over the nations to all those who win the victory and continue until the end to do what I want. They will manage the nations with an iron rod.

They will break them to pieces like clay pots. They will have the same power I received from my Father, and I will give them the morning star. Everyone who hears this should listen to what the messenger says to the Lamp Stands.



Write this to the angel of the church in Sardis: Here is a message from the one who has the seven spirits and the seven stars. “I know what you do.

People saythat you are alive, but really you are dead. Wake up! Make yourselves stronger before what little strength you have left is completely gone. I find that what you do is not good enough for my Gd. So, don’t forget what you have received and heard, obey it.

Change your hearts and lives! You must wake up, or I willcome to you and surprise you like a thief. You will not know when I will come. “But you have a few people in your group there in Sardis who has kept themselves clean.

They will walk with me. They will wear white clothes, because they are worthy. Everyone who wins the victory will be dressed in white clothes like them. I will not remove their names from the book of life.

I will say that they belong to me before my Father and before His angels. Everyone who hears this should listen to what the messenger says to the Lamp Stands.



Write this to the angel of the church in Philadelphia: Here is a message from the one who is holy and true, the one who holds the key of David. When he openssomething, it cannot be closed. And when he closes something, it cannot be opened. “I know what you do.

I have put before you an open door that no one can close. I know you are weak, but you have followed my teaching. You were not afraid to speak my name. Listen! There is a group that belongs to Satan.

They say they are Jews, but they are liars. They are not true Jews. I will make them come before you and bow at your feet. They will know that you are the people I have loved. You followed my command to endure patiently.

So, I will keep you from the time of trouble that will come to the world – a time that will test everyone living on earth. “I am coming soon. Hold on to the faith you have, so that no one can take away your crown.

Those who win the victory will be pillars in the temple of my Gd. I will make that happen for them. They will never again have to leave His temple. I will write on them the Name of my Gd and the name of the city of my Gd.

That city is the New Jerusalem. It is coming down out of heaven from my Gd. I will also write my new name on them. Everyone who hears this should listen to what the messenger says to the Lamp Stands.

I Do not know.

Write this to the angel of the church in Laodicea: Here is a message from the Amen, the faithful and true witness, the overseer of all that G—d has made. “Iknow what you do.

You are not hot or cold. I wish that you were hot or cold! But you are only warm – not hot, not cold. So, I am ready to spit you out of my mouth. You say you are rich.

You think you have become wealthy and don’t need anything. But you don’t know that you are miserable, pitiful, poor, blind, and naked. I advise you to buy gold from me gold made pure in fire.

Then you will be rich. I tell you this: Buy clothes that are white. Then you will be able to cover your shameful nakedness. I also tell you to buy medicine to put on your eyes. Then you will be able to see. “I correct and punish the people I love.

So, show that nothing is more important to you than living right.

Change your hearts and lives. Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If you hear my voice and open the door, I will come in and eat with you. And you will eat with me.

I will let everyone who wins the victory sit with me on my throne. It was the same with me. I won the victory and sat down with my Father on His throne.

Everyone who hears this should listen to what the messenger says to the Lamp Stands.



I AND I A 12:3:6:9

F-A-I -T -H = -288
H-O -P -E = -252
C – H – A – R – I – T – Y = -702 = -666

DIVINES = 36 – 81 – 198 – 81 – 126 – 45 – 171 = -666

HO THEOS = 72 – 135 – 180 – 72 – 45 – 135 – 171 = -666

VAYECHULU = 198 – 9 -225 – 45 – 27 -72 – 189 – 108 – 189 = -666

CREATOR = 27 – 162 – 45 – 9 – 180 – 135 – 162 = – 666

BELIEVER = 18 – 45 – 108 – 81 – 45 – 198 – 45 – 162 =-666

PRIESTS = 144 – 162 -81 – 45 – 171 – 180 – 171 = -666

BETHLEHEM = 18 – 45 – 180 – 72 -108 – 45 -72 – 45 -117=-666

MEZUZAH = 117 – 45 – 234 – 189 – 234 – 9- 72 = -666

DIDASCALIAS = 36 – 81 -36 – 9 – 171 – 27 – 9 – 108 -81-9-171=-666

MAH TOVU = 117 – 9 – 72 – 180 – 135 – 198 – 189 = -666

DEMIURGE = 36 – 45 – 117 – 81 – 189 – 162 – 63 – 45 = -666


->72 – 9 – 108 – 108 – 45 – 108 – 189 – 90 – 9 – 72 = -666

<-72 – 9 – 90 – 189 – 108 – 45 – 108 – 108 – 9 – 72 = -666


9 + 108 + 108 + 45 + 108 + 189 + 90 + 9 = 666

A-LE-LOU-IA = – 666

Lahprayel: When you observe those, who engage in a false conversation about the Law of Moysis, and HYH who is was and will forever be, stay away from them till they turn to another topic.

Those who fear HYH, keep duty to Him and avoid evil – safeguard your hearts and make your children wise. You are not responsible for the evildoers nor the disbelievers in any case after you have warned them once, but it is your own free will if you wish to remind them – within reason, that they may fear HYH and love Him, following the Laws that make one a Lamp Stand in darkness, as His Spirit is in you, the Spirit of life.

Those who take the way of HYH as eyes for society and amusement in secret, who deceive themselves ignorance yet praise after they repent, only repeatedly doing it again – they are naive.

Do not count on faith alone, for you may say you believe in HYH but so do the evildoers, what is then the distinction between the two? Do not fool yourselves, for every action requires acts – be righteous in the Laws of HYH, and act accordingly to what He has commanded.

Do not consider your deeds as a favour to Him, Hallelujah the Judge of all the living. Truly as many are reading this, many have plotted against this, and locked their hearts to preserve their ways, many, turn their backs because they are proud and utterly fooled by this age of thinking, the time is short and the earth is ripe almost, and evil is now in the open – wise parents see this, and good teachers speak out against it.

If you find any doubt in this message then so be it – the chosen chapters that the Creator has sent before this – this is only to confirm it – if you are truthful – find what is written in this book that is not in plain sight. If you wish to understand the end, you must surely first understand the beginning.

Truly – truth cannot be understood without understanding – therefore understand these matters, and consider the outcome, if any turn from the truth, let that be between them and HYH, for you who read let obedience to Him bring forgiveness to the next generation – for do not be the one who He regrets again.

Soon He will call you, and it is but a little while away – be you, any that you wish, for you who look ill upon another follower, have you not seen their view? So, by this, learn each other’s shortcomings, and strength! For is My G—d and your Gd not the same? indeed He is HYH.

Do you think that the naive are safe? Be patient and observe the three as one – for there is but One. Now the task may be lightened, for us that fall short and even for those that are Lucifer – understanding the best to our knowledge if we truly wish.

My Gd, be pleased with this – sanctify all those who believe, with Your Law, give us a share in the Torah, a Gospel and the Quran, and all Truths from the living souls, in Your coming salvation many have hope.

Restore our hearts to serve You in Truth – Hallelujah. Holy, Holy, Holy, Hallelujah, the entire world is filled with Your glory – let us live within the limits that You have prepared for us, do not abandon us completely because of our transgression that is constant!

Let us see clearly, your testimonies are our strength and let us fear You! Therefore, let us follow Your teachings, forever and ever.


We all are just looking for a life of love and laughter.

We all are just looking for our happily ever after.

B.S.T.O..V 2025


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